INA House- Indigenous Asia is a nonprofit initiative of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), it was established with the intention of increasing the appreciation of the cultural diversity of indigenous communities across Asia through a unique experience of different products and services, while also raising awareness of the importance of preserving indigenous cultures, traditions and way of life. 

INA” means mother in indigenous languages in the Cordillera, Philippines and also Malaysia, among others. All our staff are indigenous peoples from Asia, mainly from the Lisu, Akha and Karen hill tribes in Thailand. We also have volunteers from different countries.

AIPP is a regional organisation founded in 1988 that is committed to the cause of promoting and defending indigenous peoples’ rights and articulating issues that are relevant to indigenous people and communities across Asia.

The organisation works directly with an expansive network of 18 indigenous peoples national alliances, and 30 local and sub-national organisations in countries across Asia.

AIPP strives to ensure that Indigenous people across Asia are able to fully exercise their rights, maintain their distinct cultures and identities, and that they are living with dignity. AIPP also supports communities in developing sustainable management systems on their lands, the preservation of traditional and local knowledge,