INA House offers a flexible and diverse range of accommodations catering both to long term and short term stays.  All rooms have free WIFI and are provided with clean drinking water, towels and soap.

There are a total of 11 rooms and each is named after a different Indigenous group from Asia. The rooms are decorated with photographs and artefacts representing the different communities.

All floors are provided with clean drinking water and are monitored by CCTV for safety and security.

All our single rooms are big and spacious, with a queen-size bed, private bathroom and featuring a direct view of the Ping River.

All our shared rooms have three separate single beds, provided with individual closets and towels.

Queen-size bed

Air conditioning

Private toilet & shower

Towels + soap


Desk with lamp

Television with cable


3 Single beds

Air conditioning

Shared toilet & shower

Towels + soap

Individual closet