INA House offers affordable packages that include conference facilities with a capacity of 30 persons, comfortable accommodation, spacious area for group discussions, a resource centre, and restaurant to cater food and drinks for trainings and meetings.

 We serve a variety of indigenous dishes. You will have the opportunity to taste our favourite indigenous dishes, such as Chakma fish, Naga spicy pork, Karen tamarind shoot salad, Lisu pork lahp and winged-bean salad. All of our dishes are made with fresh ingredients. 

Our coffee is organic Arabica coffee from the hill tribes of Thailand. 

INA House offers a flexible and diverse range of accommodations. We have a total capacity of 30 people, catering for both short-term and long-term guests. We offer 3-person shared rooms or private rooms. Each room comes fully equipped with towels and soap, high-quality mattresses, air-conditioning and WIFI.

INA house conference room can accommodate up to 30 people. The room is fully equipped with air conditioning, LCD projector and screen and sound system with wireless microphones, interpretation equipment and WIFI. Conference participants can use the resource center, as well as the balconies on the 2nd and 5th floors for small group-discussions. We offer attractive packages for conferences, with full catering and accommodation.

You can buy various hand made products designed by different indigenous people from across Asia. You will find textiles from Naga and Chin weavers, bags and table runners crafted by indigenous peoples from the Cordillera, silk and embroidery from the indigenous peoples of Laos and Vietnam,and bags from Jharkand, among many others. INA House also sells organic coffee, tea and wild honey from the hill tribes of Thailand, hemp products crafted by peoples from Nepal, colored wood carvings from Toraja and traditional bead work from indigenous peoples.


INA House organises unique Eco-tours to a range of different ethnic communities across the North of Thailand. This special opportunity allows visitors to have a genuine experience of life in the hill tribe communities, while offering a chance to learn about traditional cultures, special celebrations and daily life in the villages. Eco-tours are managed by the communities themselves, therefore profits from the tours go directly to the villagers and the communities. Tours can be arranged for 1-3 or more days. Guests will be able to enjoy a homestay experience with simple facilities and delicious authentic food.


INA House offers the public use of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) resource center/library, featuring books and publications on indigenous issues, as well as video and other audio-visual materials. Our resource center also has two computers with WIFI connections, a printer, a scanner and a photo-copier which can be used by guests.


INA House offers its facilities, rooms and restaurant as a venue for events such as fundraising, programs, parties, exhibitions, cultural shows, presentations and more. We can also provide full catering of food and drinks.


We have a balcony on the 2nd floor which can be used for dining, reading or as a work space. The 5th floor balcony is spacious and has an excellent view of the Ping River. It is a great spot for hanging out and for small events. It has a capacity of 30 people.